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“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (KJV)

People think that they cannot have a spiritual life if they have to become successful in their professional and personal life. This thinking is far from reality. The reality is you enjoy your life more when you connected with the spirit inside, your formless self, your eternal self. A ‘missing link’ that everybody is looking for.

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Vibha Sharma

The author that wrote Turn Within is none other than Vibha Sharma. She is the founder and a Holistic Spiritual Life Coach, Corporate Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Coach at Cosmicways Holistic Life Coaching and San Francisco Chapter Chairperson for Mindfulness, All Ladies League USA. The latter is the world’s largest international chamber and a global movement for the welfare, wealth, and wellbeing of its female members and the one that empowers leadership in women. Vibha is also Global Goodwill Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA. To learn more about Vibha’s work please visit Cosmic Ways.

On an everyday basis, Vibha Sharma offers, Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching, Corporate Wellness, Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Coaching, Customized Guided Meditation Sessions and Mindfulness Workshops.

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Vibha’s Book Chapters


Here is a clear glimpse of the chapters from Turn Within that will give you an idea on the flow of the book.

Vibha’s Book

Turn Within

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Turn Within

This book will serve the purpose of spreading awareness regarding meditation and the importance of connecting from within. We need to trace our lives back to connecting to our inner source to get to know the true essence of being alive.

Readers will be able to realize that spirituality is pretty straightforward and practical, as well as it can be easily adapted in our everyday life.

The book will show that spending some quiet time alone adjusts oneself to their inner world, harmony, and peace. Your feeling of self will extend as you experience life as a spiritual being appreciating humanity. You’ll reach your comprehension of what your life and the Universe are tied in with. Go beyond the disorder and turmoil to a condition of harmony and happiness. As you manufacture your self-esteem and sense of pride and develop your terms of delight and peace, you become eligible to receive more of them.

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Turn Within

The video is now available to give all the customers a clear idea of what to expect in the Turn Within book. Vibha Sharma, an expert in the field of advising inner happiness, writes the self-help book.


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