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Vibha Sharma

The author that wrote Turn Within is none other than Vibha Sharma. She is the founder and a Holistic Spiritual Life Coach, Corporate Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Coach at Cosmicways Holistic Life Coaching and San Francisco Chapter Chairperson for Mindfulness, All Ladies League USA. The latter is the world’s largest international chamber and a global movement for the welfare, wealth, and wellbeing of its female members and the one that empowers leadership in women. Vibha is also Global Goodwill Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors GGA. To learn more about Vibha’s work please visit https:cosmicways.com. On an everyday basis, Vibha Sharma offers, Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching, Corporate Wellness, Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Coaching, Customized Guided Meditation Sessions and Mindfulness Workshops.

The book is the story of the beginning of Vibha Sharma’s spiritual quest, of learning, practicing, and teaching about the importance of having a vision and life purpose to connect with inner peace through meditation. The author took this step of going into this line of work to help others find hope, as she believes every problem has a spiritual solution but when we drift away from our Creator that is when our problems start. Vibha Sharma helps all her clients successfully find their inner association with their source, get in touch with their inner peacetime and authentic self and inner guidance system to find answers to their difficulties and live a more stable, heart-centered life. It is through the connection with their selves that the clients realize they can experience greater possibilities and bigger dreams. In short, a help from a higher power is always available, so we are never alone.

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