Being the Founder and a Holistic Spiritual Life Coach, Vibha Sharma offers a few programs for her clients to benefit from:

One on One & Group Coaching

This program is a 6-months to a year course of study, taking you through a dynamic comprehension of the procedure of your spiritual awakening. Every exercise incorporates a reflection, spiritual instructing, pursued by inquiries via live sessions, email, and phone. As you work through this course, your viewpoint of life will change, and as your point of view changes, so will your life. As you stir to your higher self, you’ll become more sensitive to what is directly for you. Working from a degree of Higher Consciousness likewise permits sole access to Infinite Intelligence. This program is for you if you’re looking for Spiritual Evolution of the highest level. Join our program now.

Mindful Leadership/COnscious Business Coaching

Corporate Mindful Leadership Coaching/ Conscious Business Coaching and Corporate Wellness Sessions are offered online and on-site that doesn’t create strife with employees/management’s day by day working plans. As most enterprises don’t have the foggiest idea what’s in store from a Conscious Business Coaching/Mindfulness/Meditation Program, an Introductory session is offered. These are 30 minutes to one-hour sessions instructed at your office where employees have a chance to figure out how to reflect, experience a Conscious Business Coaching or Guided Meditation, pose inquiries and figure out how Corporate Mindfulness Sessions/Meditation can be viably utilized in the professional workplace. Join us now.


Guided Meditation is essentially using the power of the imagination to address and alter the negative feelings such as repressed frustration, sadness or tension. The power of the mind is such that working through tensions in imagination yields real-life changes.

As you envision the most joyful snapshot of your life, your mind responds by producing serotonin. Guided reflection works on the guideline that you can quit responding to your responses and can direct how you need to live!

With the rise of the Internet and YouTube, one choosing to start meditation can surely find an abundance of recorded meditations to follow. The fault in this is that you are essentially dealing with a “cookie-cutter” meditation, not one tailored for your unique self. It’s also common for eager meditators to start strong but taper off their routine, as old lifestyle routines pop up and take up meditation opportunities. With a personal guide, a regular schedule becomes much easier to follow! Follow us now. 

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